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2022 Match Dates and Venues
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Tarporley and District Angling Club

We are a small angling club based in Tarporley, Cheshire, but we always welcome new applicants to our friendly club (vacancies permitting).

The club was founded in 1919 with about 30 original members, making Tarporley Angling Club one of the oldest fishing clubs in the country.

We have fishing rights on some eight waters within a ten-mile radius of Tarporley. The Little Mill Pool is fully owned by the club having been purchased in the 1970’s for £2000 pounds. Members donated what they could afford and were all paid back within two years, this was achieved by running coffee mornings, bingo, raffles etc. That was a lot of coffee back then!

We run several member matches, mainly throughout the summer months for the pleasure/match angler, and also a 12 hour and 24 hour carp match. All of these events are strongly contended but with the relaxed and friendly attitude of the club.

Hopefully this site will provide you with all the information you may need. We will be constantly updating it and posting news updates on a regular basis throughout the year so make sure you come back soon.

Further information can be requested from our Club Secretary Mr Bryan Perks. Please click the “Contact Us” link above for telephone and email details.

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